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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission is to...

Nurture connections for a fun and vibrant East Hill where everyone belongs.

Our Vision is to...

Be a charming, accessible destination where everyone is engaged, safe, and happy to be.

Our Values are to...

Encourage human connections
Instill a sense of safety & community
Create opportunities for fun, lasting memories
Maintain a friendly, welcoming attitude
Be consistent in our messaging
Be transparent in all we do


In 2004, a woman by the name of Ms. Colleen McDonough approached the City of Pensacola about issues in the neighborhood. While she thought she'd be organizing a neighborhood watch group, what became of it was much more. At the time, the city was urging areas to organize neighborhood associations to create a greater sense of community and government partnership. So with that, the dream of a crime watch group grew to something even greater, and the East Hill Neighborhood Association was born.

The East Hill Neighborhood Association (EHNA) was the second to form within the city limits, following the long-standing North Hill Neighborhood. Ms. McDonough served as the first Board President and was supported by a number of elected members. To this day she is remembered as the reason for all of the great initiatives this Association brings its prideful community.

Today, a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors governs the Association and spearheads its initiatives. From park improvements and planting tree to hosting movies nights and outdoor concerts, EHNA continues to help make East Hill a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

As a volunteer-based non-profit organization, the Association relies on its members and other donations to help fund these projects. Become a Member today and show your support for the neighborhood!

Where is East Hill?

The East Hill Neighborhood is located just northeast of Downtown Pensacola, Florida. While "official" boundaries tend to vary between governing bodies, the East Hill Neighborhood Association defines East Hill to be Fairfield Dr/12th Ave to the north, the train tracks just south of Belmont St to the south, 9th Ave to the west, and Bayou Texar to the east. Regardless of whether you live or work inside or outside of these boundaries, however, we welcome you to consider yourself a part of this great community.

PO Box 6164
Pensacola, FL 32503