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Within the East Hill Neighborhood Association are several committees that work throughout the year on specific projects, events, and target areas to further improve and enhance the quality of life for our neighborhood. Anyone is welcome to join a committee. The committees meet periodically depending on initiatives. If you would like to help serve on a committee or be a day-of volunteer, contact us!

Business Engagement

Creating a space for communication, networking, and resources to support business owners and professionals living and working in East Hill.


Offering family-friendly events and activities that are fun and free to enjoy. Subcommittees are established for specific events such as movie nights and markets.


Improving and promoting the benefits of  association membership, and engaging members and the community in fun events and initiatives. 


Facilitating the health and vibrancy of East Hill parks through monthly volunteer-based clean-ups and additional facility improvements.

PO Box 6164
Pensacola, FL 32503